Data Analytics

dashboard with trended visualizations

In today's world, data is everywhere. Even small businesses have more data than they know what to do with. Blue Horizon Group will help you use your data to identify opportunities to enhance your business or put your mind at ease.

Think you data analytics doesn't apply to you? Would you like to:

  • Identify your most profitable products or services,

  • Determine which advertising campaign returns the best results,

  • Find ways to decrease production costs;

  • Determine the cause of unexplained losses.

Use your data to Unlock benefits like these

A graphic with multiple charts illustrating business profitability.

Find your most profitable ___

Identifying your most profitable product or service may not be as simple as you think. Sure you know the cost of the materials used to build your products, but how do you account for time, advertising and other overhead. Blue Horizon can unlock insights into your data to help ensure your focus is in the right area.

Graphics showing analysis of data required for regulatory compliance.

REduce your risk

Are you in a highly regulated industry like banking or consumer lending? Do you want to know how you compare to your peers? Our team can open your eyes to concerning trends you may otherwise miss. We have experience working with financial institutions and their legal counsel to find the trends that matter.

Closed down church, don't let fraud shut down your organization.

Find some missing money

Trend analysis can uncover some disturbing things. One client found over $1.5 million in donations was stolen from them over the course of several months. The team was able to estimate the losses and assist the church and it's legal team in filing a successful insurance claim.

Graphic of transaction risk ratings.

Stop fraud, waste and abuse

Data analytics can be especially helpful in proactive fraud detection. Patterns and trends are often overlooked when transactions are viewed one at a time. When combined, analyzed and subjected to a risk scoring model, trends can emerge to help identify areas of fraud, waste and abuse.

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