Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

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Tired of working all day only to spend all night managing your expenses and invoicing customers? Worse yet, do you skip out on tracking expenses because you will "get to it later"?

Keeping proper records is essential for any company to reach its fullest potential. Would you rather spend time doing what you love, or itemizing income and expenses in your accounting software? Are you experiencing unexplained losses, lower revenue or higher than usual expenses? With an eye for the details and the drive to help you succeed, let Blue Horizon Group help you keep your business moving in the right direction.

Who needs a bookkeeper?

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Our services are affordable and designed for small businesses

  • All newly formed small businesses

  • Handymen, Plumbers, Electricians or any tradesman with their own business

  • Individuals or sole proprietors working on contract

  • Freelancers and Gig economy workers

  • Ride share drivers (Uber/Lyft)

  • Owners of rental property

Why hire a Bookkeeper?

There are many benefits of hiring a bookkeeper for you small business. Here are just a few:

Understand Your Business

Keeping detailed records on your business will give you a clear picture where you can save money or what product or service is most profitable. These are things you may not see if you are not looking for them. Blue Horizon Group specializes at finding the details to help you grow.

Make Tax Time a Breeze

Regular record keeping and maintenance of your business's financial information makes tax time a breeze. Don't spend days preparing to file taxes, let us keep you current throughout the year so tax time comes and goes without the headache.

Save time

Don't spend your valuable time on tasks you don't have the education and experience to do efficiently. With our help you can save time daily, weekly or monthly. Spend your time doing what you do best. Serve your customers while we serve you.

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