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a new business startup occupying a new office space with desks and chairs

Start your business the right way. Blue Horizon Group will put the wind at your back with:

  • a professional domain, email, and website

  • internet business listings

  • business filings

  • invoicing, credit card payments

  • and MORE!

We'll help you establish a professional image and internet presence, giving your customers the information they need to find you. Click here to learn more.

handyman looking dreading his paperwork after a day of working for customers

You've worked hard all day, now for a relaxing night of invoices and expense tracking. Let Blue Horizon Group make your business more efficient by:

  • managing your estimates and invoices

  • getting you paid on time with recurring billing and payment reminders

  • getting you paid quickly with credit card payments

  • organizing your expenses to make tax time a breeze

Let us take on the boring, tedious, yet extremely critical tasks while you focus on your customers. Click here to learn more.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Let us use data to show you how your business is really doing. Are you currently evaluating:

  • business performance

  • fraud risks

  • sales and marketing efforts

  • time and expenses

Your business creates far more data than you are likely using. Using your data to create management dashboards to ensure you know what your business is doing. Don't let any trends go unnoticed, let us use your data to help your business thrive.

Other Services

three hands working as a team to identify trends on a graph

Blue Horizon Group can assist you with a range of services. Not sure how to register your business or setup a professional domain? Do you know what accounting software to use or how you will collect payments from customers? From physical security assessments tailored to your home or business, to data driven fraud detection and bookkeeping to business formation we have your back. See our full service offering here.

Consulting services to get you started or help you grow.

Small business and personal financial services designed to ensure you know what your spending.

Learn more about us

Blue Horizon Group LLC provides a variety of small business services to help you succeed. Our mission is to be your most trusted advisor by providing high quality, reliable, transparent and consistent services you can trust. We serve all industries while focusing on businesses with less than 50 employees. We believe we can only be successful if our clients are.

Our team has over 10 years of experience working with a variety of clients from churches and non-profits to large technology and data companies. From bookkeeping and websites to project management and business strategy, we are driven to help you succeed. With experience in accounting, data analytics, fraud investigation, policy development, technology, and project management, we know how take your business to the next level. Learn more about the Blue Horizon team here.